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Delanco Township

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Municipal Clerk's Office

Janice M. Lohr, RMC
Municipal Clerk
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Board of Health Secretary
Phone    856-461-0561 ext. 224
Fax        856-461-0685
Email-- jlohr @ delancotownship.com

Katherine T. Martin
Deputy Municipal Clerk
856-461-0561 ext. 274
Email-- kmartin @ delancotownship.com

Election Information

The Municipal Clerk serves as the Chief Election Official of the Township.  Voter Registration Ballots, Affiliation Declaration Forms (Change Your Party) and Absentee Ballots can be found in the Clerk's Office at the Municipal Building, 770 Coopertown Road; and on our website under Online Forms.  Please Note: Effective with the June 3, 2008 Primary, registered voters of the Districts 1 & 2 in Delanco Township will now vote at the Pearson School on Burlington Avenue.  The Walnut Street School will no longer be the polling location for Districts 1 & 2.  Click Here to view the Delanco Township Election Districts Map.  For more Election information please visit the New Jersey State Division of Elections website at: www.NJElections.org or call the Delanco Municipal Clerk's Office at 856-461-0561 ext 224.

Vital Statistics

Copies of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Marriage Licenses can be obtained through the Clerk's Office Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  Marriage Licensing is done Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to 3:30pm by appointment--please call Marie DiSibio at 856-461-0561 ext 255 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Dog and Cat Licenses

Dog & Cat Licenses
State Law and Local Ordinance Requires that all Dogs & Cats be licensed by January 31st.  A Late Fee of $3.00 Per Month will be added after January 31st.  Licenses are available after January 1st at the Municipal Building Monday -- Friday    9AM-4PM


Authority: N.J.S.A. 4:19-15.8 and 15.14 and 15.16A; and 14:19A-11

8:23A 4.1    Requirements for Licensure

(a) Except as otherwise provided in N.J.A.C. 8:23A-4.3, no municipal clerk or other official designated to license dogs shall grant any such license and official metal registration tag for any dog unless the dog owner provides evidence that the dog to be licensed and registered has been inoculated against rabies with a vaccine having duration of immunity which extends throughout at least ten of the 12 months of the licensing period.  Dogs with a duration of immunity against rabies that expires prior to the tenth month of the licensing period shall be revaccinated prior to issuance of a license.
(b) The rabies inoculation required in (a) above shall be made by a duly licensed veterinarian.  The vaccine used must be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered to the animal at the dosage and route of administration in accordance with the specifications of the product label and package insert.
(c) The veterinarian immunizing the animal shall issue and sign a National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians Form #51, "Rabies Vaccination Certificate", indicating the date of inoculation, the duration of immunity, the name and serial number of the product used, description of the animal and the full mailing address of the owner.  Computer-generated forms containing the same information are acceptable.  The animal owner shall retain the certificate of inoculation and exhibit it to the animal licensing official of the municipality when application for license is made.

8:23A 4.2    Recognized durations of immunity

(a)  The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services recognizes the following durations of immunities for dogs and cats:
1.  Rabies vaccine approved by the United States Department of Agriculture for a three year duration of immunity:
i.  Animals three months of age or older receiving their first known immunization are recognized as having one-year duration of immunity.
ii.  Animals over three months of age, but less than six months of age, receiving the second or subsequent booster inoculation are recognized as having a one-year duration of immunity.
2.  Rabies vaccines approved by the United States Department of Agriculture for a one-year duration of immunity are recognized as having one-year duration of efficacy for immunity for all animals vaccinated at three months of age or older.

8:23A 4.3    Certification of exemption

Delanco Township Leash Law
According to the Delanco Township Code ยง123-8 Titled "Regulations of Dogs":

B. Running at large; prohibition.
No person owning, keeping or harboring any dog shall suffer or permit it to run at large upon the public streets, in any public parks or in any public place within the Township of Delanco. 

D. Leash required; streets.  No person owning, keeping or harboring any dog shall suffer or permit it to be upon the public streets or in any of the public places of the Township of Delanco unless such dog is accompanied by a person over the age of 12 years and is securely confined and controlled by adequate leash not more than six feet long. 


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Township of Delanco
Municipal Building
770 Coopertown Rd.
Delanco, NJ 08075
Phone: 856.461.0561
Fax: 856.461.0685

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