10/26/2010 - NOTICE OF SALE--Sale of Surplus Municipal Property

Delanco Township
Sale of Surplus Municipal Property

In accordance with NJSA 40A:11-36, the following property has been deemed to
be surplus by the Township Committee and will be offered for sale to the highest bidder
through the admission of a sealed bid for each separate item, for no less than the
minimum bid if one is indicated below, by no later than 11:00 a.m., on Tuesday, October
26, 2010 to the office of the Township Clerk.
All bids received by the designated date and time will be opened by the Township
Administrator or his designated representative. The results will be tabulated and reported
to the Township Committee at the next convenient and public meeting for determination.
Arrangements can be made to view the item for sale by contacting the office of
the Township Administrator at 856-461-0561 ext 223

Item Description                                                             Minimum Bid

1995 Ford Explorer (Police Dept)                                 $2,400.00

1997 Ford Explorer (Police Dept)                                 $1,600.00

2001 Ford Crown Victoria (Police Dept)                       $2,050.00
1984 Ravo Street Sweeper
        Model 4000 (Public Works)                                  $1,700.00

1992 Dodge Ram Pick Up 350 (Public Works)             $2,740.00

1964 Dodge Panel Truck                                               $2,000.00

(57) Sentry Electric Corp Battery                                  $14,600.00
        Park Fixtures 150/55 Watts high
        Pressure sodium, 120 volts (as is)                           $ 9,500.00

(24) 10’ Aluminum Sal-B Poles for
        Sentry Fixtures (as is)                                            no minimum
(2) Streetscape Planters (as is)                                       no minimum
(1) NEC Monitor 14’ (as is)                                          no minimum
(2) HP Office Jet 7110 all in one (as is)                          no minimum
(2) Dell OptiPlex GX270 (as is)                                     no minimum
(1) HP Scan Jet 8250 (as is)                                          no minimum
(1) Belkin 900 VA Battery Backup (as is)                      no minimum
(1) HP Laser Jet 2200 D (as is)                                     no minimum
(1) Cannon MP21D Calculator (as is)                            no minimum
(1) HP Office Jet 7110 Paper Tray                                no minimum
(1) HP Design jet 800ps series Printer                             $2,295.00
Janice M. Lohr,RMC
Municipal Clerk