6/12/2012 - Volunteers Needed--Domestic Violence Response Team

The Delanco Twp., Edgewater Park Twp., Beverly City and Willingboro Twp. Police Departments are in NEED of volunteers for their Creekside Domestic Violence Response Team.

Members of the Creekside Domestic Violence Response Team work in conjunction with the police to provide service to victims of domestic violence twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Members will assist victims in a variety of ways, ultimately providing support and information to help them make educated decisions on the options, which are available to them.

Requirements:  18 years of age or older, Resident of, or employed in Burlington County area, Valid New Jersey Driver's License, Access to transportation, No Criminal Convictions, No prior history as a defendant in a domestic violence-related matter, and Available to be on-call a minimum of four times a month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Domestic Violence Response Team?
The Domestic Violence Response Team is a twenty-four hour a day, seven-day a week program created to assist victims of domestic abuse.  Team members will be called upon by the local Police to assist victims at the police station by providing them with support and information.  The goal of the program is to provide victims with the knowledge to make informed decisions based upon the options available to them.

Do I need specialized training?
Yes, training will be provided to you by Providence House at no charge.  As a team member volunteer, you will initially receive forty hours of training, conducted over a six to eight week period.  This training will give you an understanding of what domestic violence is all about and leave you prepared to respond and provide assistance to victims.

How often will I be on-call?
With a full running staff, the response team will need volunteers to be on call four 12-hour shifts per month.  During that time, you will be required to respond to the police station as needed.  You will schedule your availability with the team leader.

Interested persons should contact

Chief DeSanto of Delanco Township Police Department

Tel:  856-461-0357 ext 287