12/2/2014 - Donations of Household Items Needed

The young woman with 3 children who lost their home on Rancocas Avenue due to fire on December 2 last year has finally been accepted with housing and was able to locate a 3 bedroom apartment in Palmyra.  At the time of the fire she was unable to seek donations for a home since she has been back and forth to her Mother's home and her Father's home for a year now.

She needs everything from kitchen items, bath items, living room furniture, and dressers for their bedrooms. If you have any items you would like to donate please bring them to Town Hall and I will make sure she receives them.  If the items are too big (such as furniture) to leave at Town Hall contact me at 856-764-9321 or katefitzpatrick1234@gmail.com and I will make arrangements to have them picked. 


Thank you, Kate Fitzpatrick