1/30/2015 - Message from the County regarding Single Stream Recycling

Following is a message from the County regarding Single Stream Recycling:

We’ve been spending the past week working the sorting lines at the new single stream plant to identify the worst contaminants. You have all done a good job keeping the plastic bags out of the program.  We need your help to keep out the following problem items:

·          Styrofoam and wood hidden in cardboard boxes

 ·         Plastic film

 ·         Water bottle shrink wrap from cases of water that is still wrapped around the cardboard.

The other new issue is shredded paper:
Bags of shredded paper break open once they enter the sorting equipment, turning into paper snow.  We have no way of capturing it for recycling. At this point, we recommend that residents put shredded paper in their trash, not in their recycling.  It’s a small amount by weight, but a big mess based on volume.

Also, on Friday, we pulled a large ham bone, paint cans, an oil filter reeking of gas, pampers, bagged dog waste, and Christmas lights off of the sorting line.  These items are not recyclable.  Thank you for your cooperation!