11/13/2017 - New Payment Box/New Traffic Pattern at Municipal Building

Effective Monday, November 13th, a New After Hours Payment Collection Box is available in the parking lot at the front of the Delanco Township Municipal Building at 770 Coopertown Road, for your convenience.  The box is located directly across from the main entrance doors.  Use the payment box for property tax payments, sewer payments, municipal court fees, and dog/cat license fees (please include a copy of any new rabies certifications).  Please do not put cash in the box.  Check or money orders only.

Note: Access to the rear of the Municipal Building is now prohibited.

Additional parking is available in the side lot on the Administration side of the building--to the left if facing the building--entrance and exit of this lot can be accessed using the front of the building only.

Do not drive around the back of the building.