Brush and Leaves


Pickup by Township

  • Contractors removing trees are responsible for disposal of all tree debris.
  • Brush will be picked up the Monday of the last full week of each month from March through September.
  • Place your brush at the curb in a neat manner with everything facing the same direction.
  • Brush pile may not exceed 3' wide by 8' long by 3' high.  
  • No more than 2 stumps, not larger than 14" in diameter & dirt cleared from roots.
  • Do not include leaves, trash or other materials with your brush.
  • Call 856-461-0561 to schedule brush pickup no later than the Friday before the scheduled pickup.
  • Brush must be placed by 6:00AM of the Monday morning of scheduled collection, and should not be put out any sooner than the weekend before the date of the scheduled pickup.
  • Please do not put more brush out after the trucks have past--the trucks make just one pass through town and do not come back for a second time. 
  • Click here for Brush Limb Regulations


Pickup by Township

  • Do not put out with regular trash during designated leaf pick up season.
  • Do not include trash or other yard debris with the leaves.
  • Bags of leaves will not be picked up with your trash during designated leaf pick up season.
  • Spring Leaf Pick Up is the first two weeks of April.  Fall Leaf Pick Up begins the first week of November and ends the last week in December.  The Public Works Department collects  the leaves, weather permitting, according to the Leaf Pick Up Schedule.  If snow falls the trucks will be out on the street to pick up leaves once they clear the roads of the snow.  Placing any other type of yard waste in the leaf piles slows the process and can cause injury to the workers and damage the machinery.
  • Leaves may be placed in the street only during designated leaf pick up times. (Spring Clean-Up and Fall Leaf Pick Up).