Shade Tree Commission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Delanco Shade Tree Commission, founded on October 12, 1971 is as follows:

  • Serve as volunteer advocates for the incorporation of trees and green spaces in the Township.
  • To maintain and preserve the trees on township property.
  • To facilitate the planting of new trees in public venues.
  • To educate the public with regard to the care and benefits of trees in their environment.
  • To remain informed, accredited, and active in the future planning of the Community Forest.

If you would like to request any action from the Shade Tree Commission (trimming and/or removal) please print the Action Request Form below and send it to the Township Building, 770 Coopertown Road, or email it to the Shade Tree Commission at

Action Request Form (7-7-11)

The Shade Tree Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of every month, with the exception of November and December, at Town Hall, 770 Coopertown Road.  

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Photo Gallery

The Shade Tree Commission planted 3 trees along Burlington Avenue at the Walnut Street School in celebration of Arbor Day 2008.

Arbor Day 2009--Delanco Shade Tree Commission received its first annual Tree City USA Award

More About Arbor Day 2009


Is Your Street Tree a Problem?

Trees planted in the easement can sometimes cause a sidewalk to buckle, or heave. Occasionally, roots from street trees grow in to leaking sewer lines.  Often the obvious answer seems to be removal of the tree.

While removal may seem obvious, it is not the only alternative. Street trees add to the charm of our town. They provide cooling in the summer, protection from the elements, and reduce water and air pollution. Street trees also add to the value of your home.

Please allow the Shade Tree Commission to suggest some alternatives....

The Shade Tree Commission often receives requests for removal of trees due to sewer blockages. Any removal request for this reason must be accompanied by documentation by a licensed plumber, insurer, or the Delanco Sewage Authority.

Removal of the street tree often does not solve the problem of sewer blockages. After removal, the deep roots may remain active. The blockage may be coming from another tree, other than the street tree. The cause for the blockage may not be roots at all, but sand, silt, buildup in the line, or debris from another source. 

Tree roots seek water from pipes that are leaking. Old terracotta or "Orangeburg" pipe is structurally weak and offers little resistance to roots seeking nutrients.  Replacement with glued PVC or cast iron maybe the only sure fix.

Questions can be emailed to the Shade Tree Commission at

Contact Information

Mark Lacina

Carl Taraschi
Vice Chairman

Wendy Flanigan

Phone: 856-461-0561 ext. 406