Information For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence  

  • You have the right to file a criminal complaint against your attacker.  
  • You have the right to go to court to get an order called a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which may protect you from more abuse by your attacker.  Your local police can advise you how to obtain a TRO.   

The kinds of things a judge can order in a TRO may include:     

  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from entering the home you live in;
  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from having contact with you or your relatives;
  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from bothering you at work;
  • that you be given temporary custody of your children;
  • that your attacker pay you back any money you have to spend for medical treatment or repairs because of the violence;  
  • There are other things the court can order.  
  • On weekends, holidays and other times when the courts are closed, you still have the right to get a TRO.  The police can explain the procedure to you and assist you in obtaining a TRO.  

If you need assistance:  

  • For emergency shelter, counseling or referrals, call the Domestic Violence Shelter in your county.  The Burlington County shelter is “Providence House.”  The contact information is listed below.  
  • You may obtain information on lawyer referral by calling the local Bar Association.  The Burlington County Bar Association’s contact information is listed below.  
  • You may also contact the county Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy.  The Burlington County Victim-Witness Unit contact information is listed below.

Burlington County                                   
Providence House                                             
595 Rancocas Road                               
Westampton, NJ 08060                               
Hotline: (609) 871-7551
Office: (856) 824-0599                

Burlington County Bar Association  
45 Grant Street       

Mount Holly, NJ  08060
Phone: 609-261-4542

Victim-Witness Unit
Phone:  609-265-5048

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